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Soul Vision Aura Portraits

Painting, watercolors, colored pencils, Lisa Nomikos soul vision aura portrait

What is Intuitive, Energetic Art?

Written by Lisa Gniady,

"In the image you will see the colors of your majesty. In the shapes you see the roadmaps of your life. What you have left behind and what you have left to see. In the images there can be mystery to be discovered. 

When you close your eyes, SEE the space between the colors and shapes, then open and meditate on it to see the future in all its glory. The abstract is your energy imprint and in the imprint you will know all that you must do to carry you through each day you need guidance. 

Open your eyes and see something new in the image and it will be no surprise that the image holds more than meets the eye. So cherish it and you will find this gift is something of a magical kind."

HEAR your soul in words, SEE your soul in image



Soul Reflection Reading by Intuitive Channel Lisa Gniady 

+PLUS Soul Vision Aura Portrait by Intuitive Artist Lisa Nomikos 

+PLUS Intuitive Image Interpretation by Lisa Gniady

"So the power of an image IS it carries vibrations. When Team Lisa pairs up to create a Soul Vision combination (combo image with channeled interpretation and personal reading), the energetic impact is indescribable.

So take this opportunity AS the Lisa's combine their talents to create this magical and mystical package for you.

This gift for humanity is a gift of immense proportion when they open their hearts and minds to see beyond what seems obvious. There is so much more than meets the eye, so please give the soul visions a try. You will appreciate the positive contribution of the Lisa's combined creativity for you." 

By Lisa Gniady.

Soul Vision Options


• Choose your size (standard paper sizes are 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14) Other sizes available upon request.

• Provide your name and permission for Lisa Nomikos to draw your energetic imprint

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Soul Vision Drums
Lisa Nomikos
Intuitive art

Custom Drums

Soul Vision Drums, Angel Drums & Custom Images

Custom Soul Vision Aura Portraits, Angel Drums and Custom Images painted by Lisa Nomikos on HANDCRAFTED drums, created by Kell Leather Craft. 

Drum sizes offered are 10" and 18" made from deer, elk and buffalo. 

Other sizes available upon request. 

Contact Lisa Nomikos for more information. 

Have Your Own Drum?

Want your own drum painted? 

Lisa Nomikos accepts custom orders. Contact her at